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Hey guys,
been a long time since I've posted here my old video card died and so did one of my hard drives lol
so i finally upgraded from my old s939 to a new core 2 duo specs below

Gigabyte p965 ds3 pro
2gb kingston value 667
powercolor x1950pro extreme 600/1400
antec neo he 430w
samsung 400gb sata II

currently everything is running @ stock however I was wondering what you guys thought of the system and where I should be looking at upgrading in the future?Also how far can I push the e6600 & the Kingston ram safely on stock hsf?and is my psu okay to keep if i were to upgrade to the 8800gts 320mb?One last question :):) will the x1950 pro be good enough to game @ 1280x960 with all eye candy turned on?I play games like supreme commander,dark messiah,elder scrolls 4 & made man.
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  1. You should be able to get to 3Ghz (333mhz FSB) definitely with stock HSF on your chip, Your temps should be ok and your RAM can handle it, going past 3ghz will need you to get an after-market HSF and you will be pushing your RAM harder than it's designed to go so who knows how well it'll go.

    X1950 pro is great at 1280, I run at 1280 with 2x AA and most details on high for all my games, and since your's is already overclocked you should be fine. I wouldn't upgrade to an 8800GTS.

    If your looking to O/C AND get an 8800GTS, or just getting the 8800GTS then you'll be needing a new PSU. If your doing just The O/C you should get away with the PSU you have but no promises.

    Hope this answers your questions.
  2. im getting a few weird problems with my cpu now i have pretty good airflow but i dont think it should be idling at about 8 degrees with a stock hsf, i do have a big 25cm fan on side of the case,1 8cm fan on rear and 1 12cm fan on the front.....could it be sitting wrong?also in ICOOL the software that came with my gigabyte 965 ds3p it says my cpu fan is only spinning at 1000rpm and there seems to be some sort of problem as its flashing with an exclamation mark next to it....now ive checked that its sitting right and pushed down firmly on the 4 pins on the hsf and they are clicked in all the way and the thermal paste should be good any ideas what could be wrong?ive taken off the auto fan feature in bios also

    Also ive tried increasing my fsb but the pc seems to crash once i get to about 295 but the temps seem okay should i try and reseat the cpu?i dont ahve any spare thermal paste can i reseat without changing the paste?Sorry guys i know ive asked alotta questions lol
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