Missing files in Vista. Please help!

ok so this is the second time this has happened to me, and this was one time too many. i was clearing out some folders within folders and when i hit delete it started deleting my folder called torrents, not the one within that folder i was trying to delete, so i hit cancel. but now oddly enough the entire torrents folder and all of its contents are missing. there not in the recycle bin, cant find it using a search of the computer, but it seems as though they are still somewhere on the drive because my available hard drive space has stayed the same. so if anyone can help me find where the heck this stuff got to it would be greatly appreciated.
(p.s. tried google and system restore as well, no luck on either)
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  1. Try with Active File Recovery.
  2. Use windows search to look for the file names or extensions.
  3. like i said, i tried a search but nothing came up. found a program called shadowexplorer though which worked, so i got most of my stuff back, but i think its all on my hard drive taking up twice as much space now cause i used to have 123 gigs free but now i only have 88 free
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