How do I suppress upgrade prompt in PowerDVD 9?

I have set up an HTPC with an external Blu-Ray reader (Plextor PX-B120U) that came with PowerDVD 9, but for some DVDs, it pops up a dialog saying I need to upgrade to get Dolby Digital 5.1 audio (or something like that), yet runs the video in the background, so I end up missing a few seconds of the video while I close the dialog. I am using an HDMI cable for both audio and video, but my TV is stereo, and I have no interest in setting up a 5.1 speaker system, or in paying about $50 for the upgrade. How do I get it to stop showing that dialog and just downgrade the audio to stereo or whatever without the dialog?

Side note: I haven't checked whether I'm really getting better video quality than 480i/p from blu-ray discs (all I have so far on blu-ray is James Cameron's Avatar and Final Fantasy VII Advent Children), but if it doesn't actually use the HD video from blu-ray discs, and there's a link I can use to prove it, I can file a complaint with Plextor about it. If it's just the audio issue, I'm not sure that's worth filing a complaint for.
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  1. register key & update in
  2. henydiah said:
    register key & update in

    How is that an answer? I already registered it (mainly to get rid of the registration prompt, though I would've balked at that if it didn't let me opt out of the newsletter), and updating/upgrading looks like it will cost money, and I fail to see the benefit of it when I neither have nor want a 5.1 speaker setup. If CyberLink provides a free update that will get rid of that dialog, I didn't see it.
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