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I'm running Windows XP Pro, and have been having problems since I installed XP SP3. Every once in a while the computer gets extremely slow at opening applications (10 minutes to start i.e., won't print, etc.) A reboot will get things working again. Most of the time the computer runs very well. I've noticed that when it gets slow, an "end program" window will appear at shut down with the name ".NetBroadcastEventWindow#####". This doesn't appear if I shut down while the computer is running well. I have tried looking at other posts about this, but they don't seem to fit my symptoms. I tried uninstalling and reinstalling all .Net Framework updates, but it didn't solve the problem. Running: Intel Pentium D CPU 3.00GHz, Intel G965 Express Video adapter, Intel 82562V Network, Lexmark X6650 printer, and Avast! anti-virus. Please give me an idea of what to do. Thanks!
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  1. I recently installed SP2 and performance has gotten really slow. When I look at the task manager the CPU is 95% in the system idle process and no appreciable I/O is going on. This doesn't make any sense. When I shut down, XP has a hard time ending the .NetBroadcastEventWindow process and sometime won't shut down at all. How do I stop it from running? It doesn't show up in the process table. This really stinks.
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