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I'm trying to make a dual boot system Vista/XP with my HP Media Center purchased in 2007 with Vista pre-installed.
Inside Vista I created the partition for XP (disk D:) and rebooted with the 'XP Pro SP2' (2004 CD) inside.
After selecting its correct partition for installing it copies all files on hard disk and it reboots in order to start its installation.
Unfortunately at this point, upon rebooting and starting first time from hard disk, it says that there is an error in the system and stops.
If I install only XP on the system it works correctly even though some newest hardware is not recognized.
I had already made a dual boot two years ago with a 2007 XP Student Edition and it smoothly.
Does anybody know if it is due to the XP version being too old (2004 CD) that maybe cannot deal with the boot record created by Vista?
Or perhaps such an old XP cannot recognize a boot hard disk that is not C:?
Is there a way to bypass this point (perhaps fixing the boot record) in order to continue correctly the installation?
Thank you,
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  1. Easiest way to do a dual boot is to install xp first then Vista. Vista will install a new boot loader that works fine with xp. XPs boot loader does not work with vista, hence the problem when installing xp after Vista. It's a problem that is easily fixed though by running a repair on Vista to reload the vista boot loader.
  2. SysChat offer an excellent tutorial, I have used it a few times myself.

    The page I have linked is Vista first XP after. You only need the install discs to make it work. It will repair and modify the Vista boot loader to include XP.


    There is also a tutorial for XP then Vista.
  3. Thanks anyway but I found a newer tutorial that makes the dual boot easier to set and also seems to fix the specific XP boot problem I have.
    I copy the link here in case someone else may have this problem:

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