I need a cheap copy of windows for new build

I was wondering if there is any way I can get a cheap copy of xp/vista/w7 somehow? I just ordered the new parts for a build and dont have much money left to spend on software.. I need help big time.

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  1. Poor budgeting! You could always use Linux.
  2. My brother is new to computers and only knows xp :((((( whats the cheapest windows os I can get?
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    If this is a new build what are you doing with the old pc?

    Does it have a Windows operating system?

    If it is not an OEM Windows release you should be able to transfer it to the new pc.

    I believe this is legitimate so long as the old system no longer runs it. You will probably need to re-register the OS to the new pc by giving Microsoft a call.

    Most of all make sure the EULA allows this before you start. You may need to research a little, or other TOM's contributors may be able to clarify further.
  4. There are often discounts through schools for college students. Other than that, you could look for an OEM version. They often run $85 - $110.

    Yes, if you have windows installed on an old hard drive, you can try booting off that drive in your new system. Though, you may need to do a repair install to get it booting.
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