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i cant install windows vista in my pc. during installation, blue screen suddenly appear. it will appear during the 'expanding files' session. i only manage to install win xp. but, when i install windows vista into my hdd using other pc, then use the same hdd in the latter pc, it works. any solution to this problem??? i get different error when i plug my hdd into different sata port.
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  1. And this copy of windows is Legal?
  2. yup, for sure. if not, i wont ask for help on the wrong doing i did...
  3. What version of Vista is it? Is it a SATA hard drive?
  4. vista ultimate 32 bit. yup, its sata.
  5. You don't have it connected into a SATA RAID port do you?

    Is there a message on the BSOD? (look for the part with the underscores _ ).
  6. erm,i connect it to SATA port using ahci mode, not raid mode. is this answering ur question? what do you mean by (look for the part with the _)?? sorry coz i'm a noob in this field... :( but what i can tell u is, i got different error(blue screen error) when i connect my hdd into different sata port.
  7. AHCI should be good. What I meant by RAID port is, some motherboards have SATA ports that are specifically for a RAID array. They usually are a different color than the rest of the SATA ports. You may want to look at your manual to make sure you're in the right port.

    On a BSOD, there is usually a message to help diagnose the problem. It usually has underscores between the words. For example, IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL.
  8. all my sata port are same in color. yup, i got that kind of error(IRQL_NOT_LESS_OR_EQUAL). but as i told u, i got different error when i connect my hdd into different sata port. why is this so? this is one of the error
  9. Try booting off the OS disc, and use the R option to get into the repair console. At the command line type chkdsk /r

    It will look for errors on the drive and try to repair any it finds.
  10. i tried that, but same thing happens... i also try to use different hdd(ide), but results to the same error...
  11. If you change to an IDE drive, you'll need to change to IDE mode in the BIOS.

    Try with only 1 stick of RAM.
  12. i mean ide hdd which attached to an ide port. if the ram is faulty, why would xp can be installed successfully?
  13. I realize you switched to a physical IDE drive. By doing that, you'll want to change your controller mode in the BIOS to IDE as well.

    I'm wondering if XP is accessing the same area of memory as vista. By using only 1 stick of RAM, it'll have to access the same area.
  14. oic... i'll try ur suggestions. btw, thx 4 ur help... :)
  15. No problem. These are the little irritating things that come up sometimes, when you do the work yourself. Some can be diagnosed and fixed real simple and easy. Others can be a pain and take longer.
  16. yup, that's true... ;)
  17. bro, 1 more thing. can i check whether my RAM is faulty or not by using memtest? if my RAM is not faulty, what would you suggest?
  18. Yes, memtest is a good program.

    If it's not the RAM, then I would suggest doing a full format of the drive.

    You could try seeing if there are newer SATA drivers available, and then slipstream them into your vista disc.
  19. what does it means by full format?
    how to slipstream the driver into the os disc?
  20. Best answer
    When formatting(erasing) a drive, there is an option for a quick or full format. It's a more extensive erasing process.

    Slipstreaming a disc, just means you're customizing the disc. You can add and remove things from the disc's image, then reburn it. You can use a program like nlite. Here's the guide page.
  21. thx a lot! :D
  22. You're welcome.

    Thanks for the vote :)
  23. u r wlcm... :)
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