need major help or i might commit suicide lolz xD !! HELPPP

Recently i purchased a bunch of stuff to build a brand new pc , and guess what it didnt work , i have tried so much stuff as recomended on myprevious thread ( please read up on it , if you wish to famliarise the situation better thanks) i do not know what to do anymore, the problem was everything just comes on for one second and thats it, fans lights etc, does not boot or anything , i have tried with/ without ram/ gpu/ hdd etc, i have tried a older psu, i thought perhaps because the mobo requires a 8 pin connection i bought a dapter for a 4 pin into a 8 pin as my psu did not have a 8 pin connection , but again didnt work, perhaps its the psu i dont know , but any help is appreciated, and in between of this when i took an old psu from my other WORKING pc, i put it back but forgot to connect the fan of the cpu fan, so now when i turn it on all i get is Press F2 for Setup or F11 for Boot Menu, and it hangs there forever , i only get a chance to press something at the very start else its like the keyboard doesnt work... perhaps i fried the cpu ?

sooooooooo any help for either computer is greatful, and i mean it , i may be willing to pay for help ! lol, or someone to build this freaking thing, as i am going out of my mind literally !

(plz move this thread to somewhere else if needed !)

Pc Building Specs:

Scan Code:
17569 320MB BFG 8800GTS PCIE O/CLOCK

15719 700W EZCOOL PSU DUAL 12V

17483 Optiarc AD7170 x18 SATA BLACK

11596 Corsair DDR2 TWINX 2GB PC6400

11327 SST NT02 HTPIPE K8/P4/775/478

14162 320G Seagate SATA2 ST3320620AS

15049 Intel E6600 Core2Duo 2.40GHz


18196 MSI P6N SLI FI S775 NV650

(Bust cpu PC ? : Northwood socket 478 p4 3.0ghz, mobo : pvm8 Asrock, 1.5gb ddr, 1 sata hdd, and a geforce 6600 , i think will get back to exact specs for this later) helppp !
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  1. If you've tried different PSU's in the same system and neither worked, that leads me to beleive your motherboard is at fault. Did you double check all of your connections? (and I mean ALL of the connections)

    I'm not sure about your hang on the old computer..maybe reseat the CPU and reapply thermal paste.(why did you unplug the cpu fan? I doubt you burned it out though..) But if you get that running, you can test your new PSU in the old comp and see if it works. If it does...then its most likely your motherboard.

    Good Luck.
  2. Hi
    my mobo is suppposedly fine and cpu , as i sent this back to scan for rma (testing) and they said they found no faults , so i have to rule the cpu and mobo out as being fine right ? , as for the new psu i have tried it on a very old pc which only needs a 20 pin connection and it worked fine, it is brand new (every component is brand new for this new system) so i dont see how its not working ? , im thinking of either a new psu with a 8 pin connection , or maybea new mobo , any more ideas anyone !? plz urgently !
  3. I had that same board and I could not get it to POST. When I powered on the system, all fans would spin up but all I would ever get is a blank screen. Tried everything I knew and I could not get it to work. I finally returned it for are refund and got an Asus P5K. Sounds like you have checked the MB and CPU, the only other things that gives trouble is RAM. Maybe try some RAM rated at 1.8V?
  4. hi
    yeh i might just get a new mobo i think hmm, ram at 1.8v ? im kinda noobie so i dont know on specifics , any recomended ram from if you can lol ? thanks

    So you dont think it may be the psu problem of it not having a 8 pin connection? , and the mobo needs a 8 pin connection, which i had to get a adaptor for a 8 to 4 pin converter but still nothing lol :/
  5. When you try running your new system with the video card unplugged, do you get any beeps from it? Do you get any beeps at all at any other time?

    If you've had the mobo tested and it's been verified as working..and you know the PSU isn't dead (but doesnt work with the adapter?)...maybe ram? That's odd though that BOTH sticks would be bad.

    I'd go to a local shop and buy a PSU with correct connections, try that out and see if it works, and return it either way. At least then you can rule out that possibility, and not lose any money.

    Try to find a way to test the ram in another computer if you can. That'd be my next best guess.
  6. Instead of going out and buying new Psu, you will need to buy this 8 pin to 4 pin ATX mainboard power adapter 0.2m. Cost ony £2.95 inc VAT, most likely shipping will be double what it costs.

    This should work until you want to upgrade Psu at later time, if you are planning on running SLI.
  7. hi , yeh i have that adaptor already , came today and still nothing lol ... keep posting suggestions plz guys , i appreciate it alot , i gtg work now , already late =D !! thanks all
  8. I think the PSU is the problem. The reason it was working in the old system is because the system doesn't call for the same consistent power the new build requires - especially with an 8800 Ultra. The one thing many builders forget is that the PSU is what keeps everything happy and if it ain't happy, nobody's happy. Don't buy cheap, crappy PSU's or it will fck your whole machine up.
  9. Exactly why I originally questioned the PSU...and continue to question it :) Low cost PSU's usually lead to trouble when your components are highly demanding. (definitely a believer now that my last one died)
  10. Yeah, I don't think it's the motherboard. Sounds like it's quitting when just when the machine goes through it's checks. It might be dying when the GPU starts getting cranked up. I could be wrong, but in any case, the OP should ditch that PSU and sink money into something that can run more than an electric shaver.
  11. lol you guys definetly feel very strongly against cheap psus lol :p !, ok so you think i should get a new psu , any recomendations ? nothing mega expensive ,but needs a 8 pin connection !
  12. Something like this from a major brand name.
    OCZ Technology 700W Active PFC GameXStream SLI Ready.,49450000

    or go to Ebuyer, they have a few more OCZ Psu and are a bit lower in price. OCZ bought out PC Power & Cooling with was one of the premier PSU vendors.
  13. looks nice, but ive never heard of OCZ Technology as a "brand name" but im a noob and i'll take ur word for it lol :p .thanks
  14. try different ram, that stuff may need a bit more volts than default, switch the ram, ack up the volts, put the corsair stuff back in, viola
  15. when i took an old psu from my other WORKING pc, i put it back but forgot to connect the fan of the cpu fan, so now when i turn it on all i get is Press F2 for Setup or F11 for Boot Menu, and it hangs there forever , i only get a chance to press something at the very start else its like the keyboard doesnt work... perhaps i fried the cpu ?

    Dear Muse,
    try use old keyboard ( analog one not UBS one ).
  16. Well, try to boot up the system without the graphics card, and RAM, and see if you get beeps with either PSU. This will help somewhat with trying to locate the problem. My vote is that you need a good 8pin PSU.
  17. I read both threads and I didn't see anywhere that you should build the PC outside of the case. If the Machine comes on for 1 sec. and then immediately all fans etc. turn off then it's a short. You have a standoff in the wrong place or something else shorting and the PS is shutting down. Build the basic PC e.g., PS, MB & ram on a table and see if it runs. If it runs, then find out what is shorting and fix it. You can turn it on by momentarily shorting the header pins for the on off switch with a paper clip etc. Be sure to set the MOBO on the stat bag that it came with or other non-static surface e.g., counter top etc. Also If it does not turn on outside of the case try resetting the BIOS, check the manual for details. Let me know if it works.
  18. I glanced over your post and missed some of your components. I think you have a lot to check.

    1. PSU -- never want to skimp, espically with the video card you have.
    2. RAM -- Best thing to do is check the motherboards website for RAM thats been tested with the board.
    3. Once you get past the above and you see the same behavior, then the post about a short is probaly dead on.

    I know what your going through my system has been down 1 month, waiting for parts, RMA, etc. All I can say is do not give up. As frustrating as it is, you will find whats wrong at some point. If you cannot spend/waste anymore time, take it to your local PC building store, have then troubleshoot it, last resort of course.

    Good luck and let us know.
  19. well i tried it out of the case, and on a anti static mobo thingie that mobo came with on some cardboard, still the same reaction with a combonation of methods, but i have found that one of the bronze screw in things , the facers ro spacers i think its called (sorry!), well yeh one of those is stuck to a screw on the front side of the mobo , both loose , but i cant seem to get it off as if u try to unscrew the screw it moves the spacer as well... very annoying but i will try get it off , anyone think that may be a cause ?
    also i looked through the manual again and under the memory section (pg9) it has a list of recomended memory modules to use and how how to use if going to use ddr2 800 which mine are , but i dont see my memory name listed on there lol ..., any ideas ? you see i really wish i can just go and buy more components etc, but money is an issue , and i dont know anyone else with other components etc that would be able to help ... so im a bit stuck

    seems like main 3 points :

    i cannot afford to be getting all 3 replacements just yet , so what do you think i should get primarily >?
  20. also found on corsair site :

    my ram:
    2GB (2x1GB) CorsairTwinX XMS2, DDR2 PC2-6400 (800), 240 Pins, Non-ECC Unbuffered, CAS 5-5-5-12

    although my product somehow isnt on there as i cannot see any with a latency of 5-5-5-12 but all similar ones showed either a usage testing of 1.9v or 2.1 v , my mobo only indicates 1.8 v usage.. does that say anything to you guys ? lol
  21. well since no one has replied , i'll just say thanks anyway but its all fixed now , proble was from cpu fan , it has a metal plating on the underside of the mobo to hold it but the cushioned side was suppose to touch the mobo not the metal side , i had made this mistake and the mobo was shorting out as everyone pointed , so thanks all !!

    just one problem my hard drive is seen as 130 gb when its 300 gb O.o weird...
  22. Quote:
    just one problem my hard drive is seen as 130 gb when its 300 gb O.o weird...
    Sorry I didn't get back, I'm glad to see that you found the short. As far as the HD, Right click on the My Computer icon and left click manage. Under storage click on disk management and post what you see under disk 0.
  23. hi
    i currently have 2 hdd , one is the new one 300 g band the other is a ide 80gb, on my old system the 80gb hdd had windows but i deleted it ,but it kinda has some "residue" left of windows lol, so under disk 0 it is the 80gb hdd even though i chose the 300gb hdd as 1st priority under boot options

    Disk 0 :
    76.70 GB
    76.70GB NTFS
    Healthy (Active)

    Disk 1 :
    127.99 GB NTFS
    Healthy (System)

    Then theres the rest of the space under a black colour ,shaded out
    170.10 GB Unallocated

    Also i tried on norton partition magic but couldnt do much , and the E: Disk was stated as "BAD"

    Anyway thanks :p !
  24. Ok, your drive is all there it's just that it has two partitions and the black area has not been formated. Don't worry that it is disk1 it really doesn't matter. Go back into disk management and right click on the black striped area in the graphic. In the fly out menu click on format and format with NTFS. Windows should format that partition and give you another drive letter when you double click MY Computer. If the other drive letter doesn't appear then reboot the machine. Tell me where you stand after that.
  25. thanks dude !! :P, that was very easy,awesome ! the drive came up straight away , i thought i was gonna have to do a whole load of partition magic business lol, although its not a whole disk , thats still good i kinda wanted another partition anyway , 300gb is way to big to be on its own !
    thanks alot !! appreciated =)!

  26. Glad I could help. Yeah, it doesn't hurt to have a partition on which to store files, in case of the dreaded XP reinstall. The hard part was the heat sink backing plate that was shorting. I never could have advised to check that without seeing it. So kudos to you for finding it. Enjoy :!:
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