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I just bought a lenovo thinkpad t400, very good machine, came with Vista. I would like to wipe it out and install xp instead; I plugged tried to boot from the cd and after the files were loaded I get the blue screen. I am not sure whether the dvd unit is SATA or IDE but I believe it is SATA, not sure it matters. I can always reinstall Vista from the recovery partition, however I believe it would be better if I manage to install the xp. Any idea why I get the blue screen?
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  1. Could be a number of reasons.

    The error code the blue screen spits out would be helpful.

    Also, before you begin, make sure the thinkpad has the drivers for an XP install. You will need to search through the Lenovo site to see.

    You may need to recreate an XP install disc with nLite and slipstream the drivers into it. i.e. SATA, AHCI and ethernet drivers, but best if you can slipstream them all. Just keep an eye on the size of the CD you are creating to ensure it will fit.
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