Plextor 714a IDE Phantom burning: Help?

I have a Plextor IDE drive and now the strangest thing has happened.

In Nero (or any burning software), I attempt to burn data to a DVD/CD and the program goes though the entire routine, error free. The burning light on the drive is active, and I can hear the disk spin up.

When the process is finished, the disk is still blank (used a verity of disks). Anyone seen this issue?
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  1. The only thing I can think of is that either the drive or Nero got stuck in "Test burn" mode... or whatever that's called. I've only done it once, and it was on purpose although I can't remember why... but it did the same thing you are describing. I have a Plextor 716a.

  2. Ok, so I looked in the copy of Nero that I have, Nero Express 6, and I don't see a "Test Burn" feature like there is in the Roxio 7 package that I use more commonly. What version of Nero are you using? Also, have you tried using Plextor's PlexTools? If you carefully poke around there you can access a lot of nifty drive features and can see if something looks amiss.

  3. THe program doesn't make a difference. I tried Windows, WMP, Nero, and PowerISO.
  4. Have you tried different media?
  5. I guess I should clarify my previous comment regarding PlexTools. It isn't burning software. Its software that lets you access a lot of the features of the drive itself. If you haven't looked at it yet you should give it a shot.

  6. Sorry for the late reply as I was not notified though email that a response was made.

    I have several known good media brands (Verbatim,...) All produce the same effects. I have taken one disk that was "phantom burned" and burned to it on a different computer"

    Plextools I have used and no errors reported.

    The only thing I can think of is that the circuit board / internal PSU is bad and doesn't provide the power to write to the disk.
  7. It's possible that drive went south. Given you can get a good DVD burner for $30 -$35, e.g., Samsung, Lite-On, I'd order a new one. If the Plextor is still under warranty, send it back. I'd still get a new one even it the Plextor is under warranty. Never hurts to have a back up. I know that Plextor is rated very highly but I'm using Samsung 18X and a couple of Lite-Ons and they work well, no coasters. Really like the Samsung, very quiet
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