I need a help

Hi guys,
I browsed a lot of online shops but I couldn't find what I want. I'am searching for a shop which will ship internationaly, using my Visa Card, shipping through FedExp.
When i found a good price they said "We don't accept interanational order". When I found a good price and international shipping, they said "we don't accept credit cards for international order".
I'am searching for good price for ThunderBird, Pentium 4 & Video Cards.
Thanks a lot in advance.
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  1. generally speaking you can have 2 of the 3,

    Good Price
    Good Payment Terms
    International Shipping

    I usually compromise slightly on price to get 2 and 3.

    I always pay be credit card, not by wire transfer.

    If you do find a place that has all 3 - I'd be grateful for a link if you would - I'll return the favour.

    Where do you live - possibly you have overlooked something local?

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  2. Thanks a lot,,,

    I'am from U.A.E, I don't trust local shop, they fool people. They sell cheap things very costly. Athlon 1.33 sold for 210$ at current time. DDR just arrived to my country. I will be thankfull if you can help send me a link to a good shop.

    Thanks a lot in advance
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