Wireless Router or Hub that has a USB port for a hard drive.

I have a ps3 and an external hard drive. Up to this point all I would do is have the hard drive connected to my roommate's computer and share it with windows media player on my wireless router. My roommate moved home for the summer and I'm looking for a way to get the music and videos from my portable hard drive to my ps3. The obvious answer would be to use my computer, however i have a laptop and linux and for some reason it doesn't recognize it plus I use it as a laptop and its constantly moving. unfortunatly the ps3 only reads a certain file format (fat 32 maybe?) whichever one it is its the opposite of what the hard drive is formatted as, so hooking it up directly is out. So really what i was thinking is getting either a new router with a usb port to hook it up (if this even works with the ps3, I'm not sure) or else i saw Belkin makes a Hub that hooks up to the router i already have(BELKIN F5L009 Wireless Network USB Hub).

So what I'm asking is if anyone does this first of all, and what they use to do it with. or if anyone knows if this will even work to share music and stuff to the ps3. I can only find fairly expensive N routers that even have a USB port and the hub option is much cheaper, probably about half. Any advice would be much appreciated.

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  1. Your best bet is a NAS encloure hooked up to an existing router. PS3 can access the drive wired or wireless. Best of all, NAS work with any computers. It's just an IP. It's dirt cheap on ebay. Throw in an IDE drive or the one you have.
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