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I recieved a Dell 435t as a christmas gift. After sending going through sending back my system a number of times i recieved a nice upgrade. I have replaced the psu to 700 wats and now have 12 gigs of ram. My graphic card is a HD Radeon 5800 series, 5870 from what the 3D tests say. With that said, should'nt my ed mark scores be better than 19541 3DMarks? How do i improve this score? Im hoping not to have to purchase another card but, am curious why this low? I also turned of everything I could, save task manager and explorer. I run my system on 64bit, windows 7. Thanks for any clarification which can be afforded me.
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  1. afaik, the score you get largely depends on which 3dmark version you're running (01,03,06)
  2. Thanks for the reply. I ran two sets of tests, one was 06 and 11. The score is pretty much consistent. My most recent run through 06 score was 19541 3DMarks.
  3. That number looks right for that card and a decent CPU. No issues with your score. If you want a faster score, overclock the card (risk there if you do because of heat and stability), or try a faster CPU (may not help if the card is as it's peak).
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