Keyboard and mouse stop working at log in screen (virus?)_

Ok... here is the scenario:

I have McAfee running on my system.
I am running XP.

I was checking out videos on YouTube and a couple of other sites. Normal stuff for my grand daughter nothing risque. I then went to a site someone told me about where you can watch TV programs on your computer.

Then McAfee pops up a message saying it found and deleted a trojan (can't remember the name). Then a program pops up and says your PC is infected with a virus and you need to download a virus protection program (again can't remember the name). It then proceeds to do something that looks like it is downloading a program. Of course I try to exit out of it, but it doesn't work (big suprise).

At this point my pc shuts down. When it reboots it begins again. So what to try. How about restore to previous date? Well at first it won't even let me do that and then when I finally do, it doesn't change anything.

OK...then lets try something else, boot into last known good config. Well, now my PC boots to my ASUS control panel, mouse and keyboard working, I choose go to OS and when it gets to the log in screen, No Keyboard or mouse working!

I tried install XP using repair, but when it starts setting up devices and needs video drivers, keyboard and mouse aren't working!

So any suggestions as to what I can do would be appreciated! HELP!!!!
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  1. BTW I installed a Logitech wireless keyboard and mouse a couple of days ago. I also have another wireless mouse that doesn't work either.
  2. NO one can help me?
  3. Now what you need to do is search your windows folders, the virus is in the system32 or system, what you need to do is let the virus scan check these folders and once it find it look at the name. it will most likely be a .DLL files or .EXE you can delete it manual and clean out the computer. if there are others as the same you would want to do the same as well and uninstall that program..

    Well my friend I will like to say if you are up for a download of a system mechanic 9 from
    they have a free trail for 30 and this program it will defrag your hard drivers and memory and system, it's the best out there and government officials use this program and many gamers and software developers use it as well. It has an Increase Performance settings, Optimize windows start up, everything to boost your ethernet or network adapter settings. That is right it can boost your internet speed by 200%

    you will see system mechanic 9 and get a free trial.

    Just trying to help
    I works and does wonders for me , makes me computer run super fast and clean all the time and it will let you know if you need to clean out the computer.
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