Pci express x16

Is there a possibility to connect a HDMI cable to the TV?
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  1. You need a TV with the HDMI port, and a motherboard or video card with HDMI support. Since your title is pci express x16, I assume you want to use a video card with HDMI support. Is it PCIe x16 or PCIe 2.0 x16?

    Here's a decent budget card that has HDMI support.
  2. I have checked in the devicemanager and i have ATI Radeon X300/X500/X1050 installed
  3. Does it have an HDMI port?
  4. Yes, there is. I am using it by an HDMI adepter 19-1 and it works for the video or tv but not the sound.
    When i use the composit with S-VHS the picture onmy TV is grey, but i have the sound.
  5. I believe you need to go to the control panel/sounds and set the playback as HDMI.
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