Msn makes me sign in EVERY time to get local

Just in the past two weeks, my msn homepage doesn't recognize my location (for local weather and new feeds). I have to SIGN IN EACH AND EVERY TIME I open the computer before it recognizes my local preferences. I didn't used to have to sign in. What can I do? I can't find a place to click "automatically sign me in each time".
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  1. Did you set your web browser to delete things automatically on exit? If not, you may have a corrupted cookie file. If you are OK with loosing some other sites personalized info, go to I.E. options and delete all temp and cookie files. Then try to logon and save the user account.
  2. Yep, check the browser history settings. It's probably set to clear the cache on exit.

    Either that, or you're running in a private browsing mode.
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