Yamaha F1 CD-RW just stoppped responding, need help

Hi, the mentioned cd burner just stopped responding one day, it does not recognize cd's at all, the trey opens and closes fine, but whatver cd I put in it does ot read it, nor can I burn anything with it, I did not add any new programs lately, it just happened all of a sudden, once i wanted to buen a cd and it said there was some error, and after that it just stopped working

I checked the connections all are fine

Does anyone know what is wrong with it?
Thank You
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  1. There is a good chance it went to the great computer in the sky. Given you can get a good DVD burner for $30, e.g., Samsung or Lite-On, I'd just get a new one. If it's under warranty, send it back but I'd still get a new one because it's likely to take several weeks to get it back and it never hurts to have an extra one.
  2. lol i was thinking about that, lol just got a pioneer dvd /cd burner couople months back, (good that i did ;)), and this one worked fine for me for atleast 2 years, it was one of the first to allow for burning images/text onto the cd and that was 2 or 3 years ago, before that (i forgot what was teh name of it) technology got all popular about a year or so ago, guess ill have to swap the dvd burner from the external enclosure to the cp case lol, and play a bit with the old drive....maby there is still hope ;)...2 bad i liked that drive, it was very quiet, and fast :(
  3. If it served you will and has expired, give it a good wake. In fact, I think I'll have a beer for it now. :D
  4. lol, cheers ;)
  5. Laser probably died....
  6. probably, since when i put in the disk it just psins for a second or so then stops, and thats it. :(
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