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hi this is my first post here..
i have recently purchased a hp probook 4710s when i was in china.the laptop came with windows vist,which i got,whenever i want to see properties,it doesn't open anything.even for the network and sharing center on the control panel,it does basically i cant open any properties tabs to change wallpaper and stuff,i cant look at system info and i cant open the network and sharing center.there is an application on the desktop caled vistalizator.exe.there i changed the language of the system to chinese and rebooted.suddenly, iam able to open everything that i couldnt in english mode.but,i cant understand chinese,so iwas wondering if you guys could help me solve my problem.
summary of my problem:
english mode:cant open properties,network and sharing center and cant view system properties.
chinese mode:can open everything,but i dont know chinese, i just saw the icons for system and network and sharing center and am able to open them.
any help would be greatly appreciated.thnx.
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  1. I spent some time in China myself.

    I suspect your copy of Vista is not licensed by Microsoft. My recommendation is to purchase a Microsoft licensed copy of the operation system, then install it in place of the copy your computer is currently running. Buy a full version not an update.

    I'd recommend getting Windows 7 instead of Vista. I've found Windows 7 has fixed a lot of the problems that Vista had.
  2. Please, what is a good way to migrate from Vista 64-bit Ultimate to the Window 7 Ultimate? Is it better to uninstall the Vista and install the Windows 7 on the clean disk or is it possible to install the Windows 7 with Vista staying on the hard drive?
  3. bartos, please open your own new thread to get a solution to your problem.
    This thread is rohan's.
    To try to answer two different queries on one thread can become confusing.
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