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Hey all,

Sorry if this has been asked, but i'm drawing a blank.

Can't for the life of me remember the command prompt (quick key) button configuration you press right as BIOS is loading to prompt windows vista to format.

I'm thinking it is ALT+F11 that is pressed, but i can't remember.

Getting information for an E-Machine computer, that has Windows Vista OS, and that did not come with the windows disc, but with the OS on the hard disc.

Thanks for help and time in advance.
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  1. I believe it's just f11 to access the recovery partition.
  2. You can borrow the Vista DVD to a friend and format your PC with this DVD BUT with the key that must have pasted on you PC. Think in mind that the Vista DVD must be the same version of the Vista that you have, for example, if you have vista business you need a Vista business DVD.
  3. Yes, i had already thought about using a CD of the OS for the reinstall, but that's another problem.

    The E-Machine is the only Vista OS computer that i have access to, and the rest of the computers all have XP.

    That would work, if i had access to a Vista CD.

    But, the F11 didn't work according to my friend, but i'm not sure if it was done properly. However, i am pretty sure that F11, or Alt+F11 is the shortcut you hit to access the recovery partition on Dells, and i think Gateway machines, but i'm not positive on E-Machine brands, as i've never used one personally.

    But again, thanks for your help and time in this matter.
  4. Well, I never used a partition recovery, always prefer the format C: and always delete the partition recovery.
  5. Ok, I've seen some other emachine users say it's f10 or f12 to access the recovery partition. It's hard to do it wrong, you just keep tapping it on startup, until you enter the recovery program.

    To each their own. If you've got the OS disc, there's not much need to keep the recovery partition. It's mainly for the OEM computers, that don't come with an OS or recovery discs.
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