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I recently installed new hard drive on my acer aspire 5570z laptop, do i need to configure or reformat before using acer factory system and recovery discs to install vista? i am currently running a trial version of xp. but i am having no luck, getting hung up on prompt to install recovery disc, after running system disc at boot. system is not reading recovery disc.
any help would be great.
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  1. If you've got a trial version installed now, boot into windows. Once in windows, insert the recovery discs, and follow the install process.
  2. Ive tried that to no avail, still gets hung up on recovery disc. im convinced that recovery disc is bad, it shows no data when try to open. could it be copywrite protected? it shows 0 bytes in properties. is there a way to install vista just off system cd without prompting for recovery?
  3. Copywrite protection wouldn't affect it. When you double click the drive in my computer, the disc should autorun. Look at the back of the disc, is it scratched up or cracked?

    What 'system cd' are you referring to?
  4. Acer recovery media consists of 1 sytem cd and 1 recovery cd, the system cd opens and runs fine, the recovery cd is causing my problems. im assuming system cd contains operating system and recovery cd contains drivers and apps,
  5. In that case, I would contact Acer, and have them send you another disc.

    The drivers can be obtained from their website. But if disc 1 won't successfully install, without disc 2, disc 1 won't do much good.
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