Whats the best gaming laptop for starters

I want to start playing games on PC. I have an Xbox and play it all the time. I play games like COD, Halo( i no they dont have that for pc) skyrim, battlfeild, and anything like that. I have never really played any games like that on pc but i really want to try and i need a new laptop any way. So i want a laptop for gaming and possibly for school. I dont need a $1000-$2000 laptop i want one from $400-$900 that looks cool also nothing else real specific.
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  1. halo was made for the pc.

    if you want to do any gaming at all then you want a laptop which has its own video card and not an integrated model.

    i am very happy with the asus i7 model i purchased. it has a nice stainless steel deck and an anti-scratch outside casing. dont expect longer than 4-5 hours on a charge though.
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