signal strength = excellent but no connection?

Recently I reinstalled windows, before that my internet (and my wireless network) where working flawlessly. However, ever since I reinstalled windows (today), I either can't connect to my home network or when I do connect (by manually imputing the ip/dns/gate addresses) I won't receive any data (even though it registers that the data is being sent).

after I input the addresses, manually

the details of the network connection, and the source of my splitting headache

my wireless card
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  1. Set the TCP/IP Properties for DHCP and then post the output from ipconfig/all.

  2. For TCP/IP all I know how to do is set the ip/gateway/dns. I'm don't know how to set up DHCP >_<

    edit: I did a ping, the only thing that didn't respond was the DHCP server (though I'm not sure if that has any relevance to this)

    second edit: I set it to auto detect the TCP/IP and it didn't detect the gateway or the DNS settings
  3. Post the output from ipconfig/all.

  4. Your wireless router is your DHCP ( server. Looks like it's not assigning an IP address to your wireless connection. Did you enable MAC filtering? Try reseting your router to the factory defaults and connecting.

  5. how do I enable mac filtering and to reset the router I have to disconnect/reconnect it, right?
  6. You can reset the router by holding the reset button until the lights start flashing.

  7. my router doesn't have anything like that. Its a 2wire gateway, all it has is 3 lights (power, broadband link, and local network) and 4 ports (power, telephone, ethernet, and USB -which is unused-)
  8. Use an ethernet cable to connect to the 2wire using a wired connection and then reset it. The WEP password is in square brackets on the 2wire.

  9. I still don't understand how to reset it.

    Also, the 2wire is already connected to the host pc through ethernet (the one I'm having the problem with is the wireless laptop)
  10. Open a browser, type and then find the option to reset to the factory defaults.

  11. ok, I reset it. But I still can't connect
  12. Hire a professional.

  13. lol, turns out I just needed to make a new network >_<
  14. I don't know what that means but I'm glad you got it fixed.

  15. basically I needed to change the name/wireless channel/encryption. Which created a new network that I was able to connect to
  16. You didn't create a new network, you created a new wireless conection.

  17. from the questions and comments I've made here...I'm surprised that you think I know the difference between the two >_<
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