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I have a P5B vanilla with an E6400 3 gigs RAM (still trying to figure out how to get it to recognize the 4th gig of RAM but that's for another post). My problem is that I had it running fantastically but while trying to get the RAM recognized I reset my CMOS (mistake). I have managed to get everything running including my OC which is stable and doing great but there is no audio from the onboard audio of the P5B. I've enabled and disabled and re enabled the HD Audio in the bios and nothing works. I also checked the cables.

Here is where it gets strange. In Vista (it was working there before all this happened) when I play audio and check the mixer the bars are moving indicating sound is registering on my PC but there is nothing coming from the speakers (that includes both the front and back audio jacks).

Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions?

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  1. Did you, by chance, remove any other jumpers on your motherboard while you were in there resetting the CMOS?? Perhaps you removed jumpers on the Audio header?
  2. Thanks for the reply. I know that I didn't touch anything else other than the battery. I removed that to reset the CMOS. I will recheck the connectors and jumpers again. I find it very strange that Vista recognizes sound playing because the audio bars are moving but nothing is coming out of the audio jacks (front and back).

    Thanks again for the reply.
  3. Yes, removing jumpers from the audio header would cause this exact problem. The audio bars would still move in vista. Most audio headers will have two jumpers, one connecting right input and output, and one connecting left input and output.
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