Google Chrome will not work.

Ok maybe this has been covered but I can't find it. Running windows XP and a few guys at work recomended trying chorme to speed up browsing, chat and YOUTUBE. so I download, install open it up and it will not load anything. Several Restarts and re-installs later I still have nothing...
A quick google search finds me -no-sandbod in the target box for the shortcut and now it loads everything but it is my understanding that this is not a legit fix. Plus I get the message saying stabilty and security will suffer...
Another google search tells me some PC protection progams prevent Chrome. I've got PC tools spyware doctor and Symantec Endpoint Protection. Both disabled and Chrome would still not do anything without -no-sandbox...

Any Ideas folks? I'd like to give chrome its fair chance at being a faster youtube browser but WTF its not winning any votes from me yet...
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  1. cmon, anybody???
  2. reinstall with the security turned off!
  3. Ok, that sounded like a good Idea.
    I turned off all my security(net disconnected)
    Restarted so no security loaded
    Installed, truned on internet and still no load.
  4. Tom's wants me to choose a best answer.
  5. ******* tom stop spaming me, I did not get an answer that worked so I will not choose a best answer.
  6. Your find is very true "Adblock Plus" is now available for Google Chrome and can be downloaded from ""
  7. Quote:
    Hello ,your thread "Google Chrome will not work." has received some answers. We invite you to review these, and select the best one as your “Best Answer” (click on the gold cup above it).

    STFU TOM! I did not get my answer AND I WILL NOT select a best because nothing worked.
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