Does malwarebytes prevent hackers ??

i downloaded malwarebytes and i wonder if this works as an internet security or should i install another internet security software ???? as my mail got hacked and i dont want this to happen again.!!...THX
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  1. NO but it is the best spyware adware malware remover!

    HERE is a great free antivirus !

    KEEP the malewarebytes and add this antivirus above!
  2. +1 to the above. Spybot search and destroy is another good one to add in as well. If you are really concerned, grab a free firewall program like zonealarm. I personally like pc tools firewall plus. You can teach it what programs to allow and what to block.
  3. Here is a free firewall to complete your security suite!
  4. Thank you all ..i really appreciate your help..,i installed Avast anti virus , malwarebytes and the inline armor Premium.
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    Does malwarebytes prevent hackers ? No

    1. Install just one anti virus.
    2. Download windows security updates.
    3. Turn on windows firewall.
    4. Never log on as an Administrator.
    5. Regularly scan your computer with an antivirus.
  6. What do u mean by " Never log on as an Administrator "...,i am the only user so i think automatically i am the administrator !
  7. logging on as admin doesn't hurt anything!
  8. He means create another User account (with limited privileges) for surfing the web so when you do get attacked your system is safe from being altered with admin privileges.
    In other words damage control.
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