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k first off i have a gateway md 2614u with vista 64 on it and i go to and support find the drivers dl the drivers supposedly install the drivers but the yellow triangles dont go away in device manager the drivers that im dl ing are the ethernet controller which i dont even know which one to dl and then the other one is the mass storage controller which is the media card reader driver that is on there...........if i installed them and they didnt work how do i uninstall them so i can reinstall what i need
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  1. Carefully download drivers for Windows Vista 64 bit and also note the model Gateway MD 2614u.
  2. Chances are since you don't know what you're downloading, you may have gone wrong somewhere.

    That's the download page for all the drivers you would need for your notebook. Please note, since you didn't specify what version of Windows Vista you have, you may want to adjust it on the right hand side of the page I linked to you. For example, if you have Windows Vista 64-Bit, Home Edition, select it from the drop down menu.

    Best of luck,
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