How 2 check how much Watts a PC is pumping?

The topic speaks for itself. How do we find out how much power in watts our pc is drawing? i remember reading of a device that existed. maybe there are many devices out there. Any recommendations or ideas? i need one to know for sure what power supply to put on each computer i'm building. i don't wanna put a 500w PSU on a system only drawing 250. Any ideas? and also i plan to use it for energy savings and future reference. so accuracy is a must. thanks guys for any input.
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  1. you gotta psu? then use kill-a-watt P3 P4400

    you dun gotta psu and wanna estimate power draw? then google for 'power supply calculator'
  2. thanks dudes. :)
  3. How much wattage you're pulling from the wall and how much the PSU puts out are 2 different things, a PSU isn't 100% efficient so it will draw more from the wall than it puts out.

    Try this out, it should give you a good idea of the size PSU you'll need.
  4. well both actually. i wanna know how efficient my system is by knowing how much i'm pulling from the wall. and i wanna know how much power my hardware needs by checking how much my PSU is giving my harware. so i'm thinking thats both. sorry for any confusion.
  5. there u go. i wanna know how much electricity is also being used. thats one of my questions answered. thanks man. any other models other than that?
  6. nice. thanks u guys i knew posting would help. thanks again. :)
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