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i have a laptop and it was working fine but now the wireless connection keeps disconnecting and reconnection or it says i have a signal but i cant surf the web my brother has the sames laptop but his internet works fine so i no IT IS NOT MY ROUTERS FAULT. I HAVE TRIED SCANNIN AND DELETING SPYWARE AND VIRUSES SO ITS NOT THE PROBLEM. my computer is not slow its the wireless connection. I GET A GOOD SIGNAL BUT I CANT SURF THE WEB. I HAVE TRY MULTIPLE BROWESERS and still the same problem
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  1. When ever you connect to the wireless router does it say limited connection availability??? You might just want to try and refresh you IP addy.

    Click start and click run.
    Type cmd
    At the command prompt just type ipconfig /release
    then type ipconfig /renew

    That'll renew your ipaddress. Sometimes a router might get stuck on something really small. I've had issues with my wifi router where it would let me surf the web but not a friend when he would use my wifi. This was one thing I used to fix his issue.

    What kind of router do you have???
  2. linksys wrt54g
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