CPU Temp very high--not sure what to do about it

Currently my e6600 is Idling at 48 degrees C and going to 50% load can push it up to as much as 65 degrees C. I'm thinking that that is a little too high (mainly because speedfan is showing a flame next to the temp.) The problem is that I don't know what to do to get the temp down. The air temp in the case is 30 degrees C, and I have an 120mm fan outtake in the rear and one 120mm intake in the front as well as an 80mm intake at the top left of the side window. also, I'm using the stock HSF. What am I doing wrong??
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  1. Quote:
    also, I'm using the stock HSF. What am I doing wrong??

    I think you might have answered your question before you asked it.

    Are overclocking the CPU? That could cause high heat, especially if you raised the voltage. Try going into BIOS and setting the CPU fan to run at 100% all the time, instead of smart fan or whatever they call it. Also, the LGA775 heatsink mounting method is a pain in the neck, you might have one of the four posts not engaged properly. Maybe try removing and reseating the HSF.
  2. remove the heat sink apply some good thermal compound install in crisscross pattern

    when you push in the 4 locking pins push in 2 opposite diagonal corners 2 at once then the there other 2

    check that they are all tight
  3. after much fiddling with the HSF I finally got it. thx guys
  4. Y W
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