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I have an old Pentium 4 640 (3.2 Ghz). I can't get it to go past 3.59 Ghz no matter what I do. I've increased voltages for the Processor, RAM, and northbridge, while the memory was on a divider, and I just can't get past that mark. I just figure the CPU can't handle the speed.

A while ago I built a computer for my brother with the Pentium D 805. He isn't interested in overclocking or anything. All he does is browse the internet and stuff. I am going to convince him to trade processores with me. He'll get a speed boost, becasue it's 3.2 Ghz vs. 2.66 Ghz (he probably doesn't utilize the dual core much). And it'll give me a chance to overclock it. I can probably get more than I have now with my Pentium 4.

My question is, will I be okay with the heat? I have the Antec 900. And the Arctic Cooler Freezer 7. I think I'll be okay with the temps, but most people overclocking this chip have watercooling. Will I be able to hit 4 Ghz? Or will it be too hot?

My motherboard doesn't support Core 2 Duos, and I don't have the money to upgrade everything right now. I jsut thought this would be a nice little free upgrade.

Also, if the overclocking is a limited by the motherboard, it won't be an issue with the 805. Because I can get it up to 224 Mhz FSB. Which would be higher than the 805 could handle anyway.

Thanks for your opinions.
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  1. Okay... so we switched processors.

    His computer starts up for about 3 seconds, and then turns off by itself.

    I can't even get the 805 to 3 Ghz. I think there is something wrong with my motherboard. I can't get much past 300 Mhz past stock speeds with it.... on both processors. Could it be my power supply?

    Mother board: Here

    Abit doesn't have it on it's website anymore. I found it there here though.

    Power Supply: Here

    The power supply seems pretty okay to me....

    Well anyway, I'm switching them back. It just didn't work out that well.
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