Can't Boot

I have XP Pro, SP3 and an asus A8N-SLI Premium motherboard and too much impatience.

My computer was jamming up, too much running and I hit the soft reboot. As it came back, it saw a corsair in the

USB hub, which was formated as bootable, but no OS on it. A Windows screen came up saying if I didn't hit the

keyboard w/in X seconds it was going to do a chkdsk or something; have seen this before and when I hit the

keyboard (wireless) it skips, and XP loads. This time nothing happened and I hit the reboot button again and it

all went to ***.

I can get to the bios. I can not boot from C (one of 4 hard drives) and only very rarely can I boot from the CD

drive. I did manage to get into safemode by booting off hiern's and in comp managment saw the corsair as active

and C drive was not, tells me the boot order or whatever is screwed. oh and then i tried to make c active

thinking it would boot but it was grayed out, but wait for this: i was able to make d active and so i did!!!

WTF??? Why did I do that....???

I'm really too tired...

So I was able to get into Windows Recovery after a thousand boots and it just sat there looking at c....for

several minutes and then nothing.

So now I can't even boot from CD, even when I go into the bios and make CD 1 or make CD the only thing to boot


And I have hiren's but don't know what to do w/ any of it anyway.

I've since learned that if I can get the Counsel up i can try "fixboot c:" but no joy w/ the cd. tried turning

off all the USB's in the bios (why I don't know, somthing to try) and that didn't help or work as my keyboard

was still running (I did at least plug in a ps2 (?) hardwire keyboard). all that happens is that the bios splash

ends and a small _ is blinking at me from the upper left corner of the screen and then nothing.

Anyway I don't want to take it to the shop and hope someone....can help.

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  1. The screen will sit at _ when it's not finding your boot device. If you are trying to boot from a CD drive, make sure the correct drive is listed 1st in the boot order. Most people have 2 opticals, so you can unplug the one you aren't using to avoid selecting the wrong drive. Wipe the CD off with a soft cloth and blow out the drive with a can of duster.
  2. got it to boot from cd, fixed mbr on c and not it boots ok....but there is a new problem, see new post:

    No Joy: sound, video & game controllers
  3. This is the only thread you have.
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