Xbox or PC Gaming?

Hi all, can you tell me what I should do with this situation. I'm wonderning if I should or shouldn't completley switch to PC gaming instead of Xbox? Cuz PC has better framrates, better graphics, lots of sales (on steam), Mods to extend gameplay, and dedicated servers... Which makes for a way better experience. My only concern is I want to play with my friends on Xbox too... so is it worth it?

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    console and pc servers dont mix typically. this is because of the advantage pc players have.

    some games are better for consoles, some are better for pc. honestly there is no win-win solution. play both.

    every single point you made has both positives and negatives for both systems. none is perfect.
  2. Alright, thanks... I already have an xbox, so I think I will play games like dead island and black ops on xbox, and offline games like fallout on pc. Thanks for the help
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