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I was thinking of getting a Linksys wrt54gs on sale at newegg for 40.00 bucks.My question is can we play online games such as netscape , poker at the same time. There will be three computers in this network on a standard dsl connection. I will also be buying the adapters for each desktop Linksys wusb54gsc. Each desktop will be no more than 20 feet from the router.
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  1. as long as there is no other interference for like microwaves or cordless phones or w/e you will be fine
  2. Thanks
  3. i guess i would wonder why you would want it wireless when each computer is no more than 20 feet away from the router though.
  4. The computers are in different rooms and i did'nt want to put dsl modems in each bedroom.
  5. you wouldnt need a dsl modem for each bedroom. You would need to run an ethernet cable from the router to each room though.
  6. Ok so i have got the router and one adapter is on the way for my desktop.We are now thinking about getting laptops for the kids rooms.They come with built in wireless adapters,do i need to buy the linksys adapter also.
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