Traveling with a Desktop.

I am moving to Norway shortly to finally be with my wife again.
But I spent a lot of time and money building us a desktop for us to use, as parts are really expensive over there.
I was thinking of taking all the internals out and taking them as carry on, but the case is a Rosewill Thor.

The biggest issue I am facing is could that be check luggage along with my LCD?
Would the TSA / Travel people even allow that, I'm in deep debate now trying to figure this out.
Has anyone ever traveled here with a desktop before and a Case that big It would be packed into the box I got it.
As It's strong enough to protect the case and the PSU that I would leave inside or would it be better to ship the equipment?

I need to know in the next 2-3 weeks.
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  1. i wouldnt trust TSA with a loogey i hacked up in a cup let alone a piece of equipment i spent quite a bit of money on. you can most likely carry a few things in your carry on bags such as a mouse and keyboard and i've enen managed a hard drive but everything else i would not suggest risking. as far as checked luggage is concerned, tsa are known to be thieves and do so at your own risk! also if you've seen how they handle bags you might think otherwise. they get literally tossed onto the conveyors.

    the safest way is to pack the components into the original boxes they came in since they normally come with a decent amount of packing material in the box to stop shifting. remember the anti static bags here. i would then pack all of the boxes into a large box or several boxes with peanuts or foam. similar to how items get shipped to you if you bought them online.

    i wouldnt leave the components inside the case as they might get jostled around quite a bit. better safe than sorry.

    it might be a bit costly to ship overseas but if you keep the packages small it should be manageable.

    your choice.
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