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I recently had to fix the MBR on C drive, which required screwing around in the BIOS, but I ended up resetting to defaults and here's the problem:

I've recently upgraded iTunes and installed new software for my Logitech WebCam, but somewhere after fixing the MBR, I lost all my sound; I'm not sure exactly when I lost the sound, but it was working before the MBR was messed up.

There are no drivers loading in the Sound, Video & Game Controllers section of device manager...they all show a "!". :o

I have XP Pro, SP3 and an asus A8N-SLI Premium, which has on-board sound; I have tried reinstalling the drivers for the sound card; I've tried uninstalling all the devices in the SVGC section, but they won't uninstall; I've triple checked my BIOS and the sound is enabled, I even turned it off and turned it back on again; lastly I tried a system restore and still no luck.

Any thoughts?

TIA, once again.
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  1. If the devices have a yellow ! next to them, there is a conflict. You likely don't have any or don't have the correct drivers installed.

    If you have onboard sound, you don't need drivers for a soundcard. You simply need to go to here. You'll want the first download. Premium&SLanguage=en-us
  2. I assume you mean the first audio download? Your link didn't work...if so I'll try that when I get home from work.

  3. The link is taking you to the right page, but the asus site seems a little slow today. It may take a few tries to get on.
  4. just found them, all all is good.


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