Best Air Cooler for my CPU ???

I will be getting an Intel-Quad-Core soon and I would like to know what would be a good Air heatsink cooler for this cpu? Any suggestion would be nice, ....By the way>
I am not looking for water-cool or refrigeration..I should have stated more clearly....thankz
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  1. Assume you mean air cooling heatsink??

    If so, Thermalright 120 Extreme. IF too hard to find, then the Ultra instead. Get either a high-output fan (which will be loud), or a lower-rpm one (for quiet), or even a variable speed one like an Antec Tri-cool, or hook it all up to a fan controller for best results. Either way, the Thermalright is probably the best out there.
  2. Heh, the best cooler for your CPU would either be a cascade or LN2, but the 120 Extreme is a little more in your price range :D
  3. a reasonable cooler would be the asetek vapochil lightspeed, a simple easy to use external cooler, guaranteed to cool even the hottest processors.
  4. lets not forget about everyones favorite cooler to not review: Enzotech ultra-x
  5. Exactly! Now why is that?
  6. My Ultra 120 X dropped my temps 20 degrees from the stock cooler. I did look at the Enzotech after shooter mentioned it and it looks very nice and even comes with AS5.
  7. Quote:
    Hmm. I'd say thermalright ifx-14

    I think he was talking about the best cooler currently available not what might be the best cooler after it is released and there are actually benchmarks for it. Unless you work for Thermalright and have a secret stock of them. It certainly looks like an impressive cooler but it's only been fairly recently that there have been large volumes of Ultra 120 x coolers available I think they might give that one a little time in the market and when everyone's bought them up they'll release the IFX-14.
  8. Quote:
    Exactly! Now why is that?

    Dunno.. puzzling, no? :)
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