Harddrive Space Disappears overnight? 2 gig daily?

I just did a reinstall of vista home premium 64 bit about a month ago and I've had nothing but problems ever since. Now 2 gigs of harddrive space disappears overnight. It happens every night. 2 gigs are just gone when I check my email the next morning. At first I though "virus". But that's imposable because there's nothing really on the installation. All antivirus is up to date. I've even unplugged the network card at night and It still is missing 2 gigs in the morning? I'm stumped???
I'm guessing it may have something to do with the indexing, but I really dont know? Has anyone else come across this phenomenon? I'm almost convinced it is a microsoft conspiracy to get my to buy windows 7 lol.
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  1. Restore points are being created.
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    ^+1, delete the old restore points. You can see HERE how delete the restore points.
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