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Need to find out how I find Programs/files that are fragmented and how I can fix and/or remove them?
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  1. That's the definition of what the defrag does.
  2. you dont need to do that, thats what a defragmentation utility does and one is provided for you in windows.
  3. aford10 said:
    That's the definition of what the defrag does.

    Evidently it's not doing that...I defrag and after it finishes it still shows a red line. From my understanding the red line is file(s) that are fragmented. If I'm wrong, can you enlighten me as to what that means??
  4. There may be a couple fragments that the windows utility isn't able to piece back. You could try a 3rd party software like defraggler.
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    Well...some defraggers are better then others. Moreover, the defrager cant defragment windows itself while its running and that redline can very well be your operating system. Some defraggers just plain the one in windows. Good defragmenters such as Diskeeper(personalfav), perfectdisk, puran defrag and other good ones really defragment files well, do boot time defragmentations, and other neat features.
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