help overclocking stability

here is my setup

evga 680i a1
bfg 650w psu
g. skill 2x1gb 6400
tuniq 120
antec 900 case
bfg 7950 gtoc
voltages: cpu:v1.50 ram:v2.225
at first i had something caled vdroop where the cpu voltage wouldn't stay the same, but it went away when i lower my voltages a lil.
i was hoping to be stable at 3.6ghz but nowhere near stable, orthos gives me a fatal error or restars my pc. when not testing stablility everything seems fine, playing games, watching movies, conveting movies. with the tuniq my temps are exremely low(FYI incase anyone was deciding whether to get the tuniq or not, its excellent temps dropped atleast 17°,after lapping the cpu and tuniq).um so far all i've done is set the fsb 1600 bump the volt. to 1.5 and set my ram 400mhz at 2.225. i am aiming for 3.6ghz stable with ram at 1:1 ratio. i'm not quite sure if i should have messed with the other voltages.
pls no one bag on me if i made a mistake somewhere, its my first OC attempt. any help or opinions is appreciated.

oh yeh i dont kno what load and under load means but. when i power on my pc its at 21°, and at 41° when i'm playing a game or converting movies when it set to 3.6
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  1. bump pls help
  2. Try Raising the Vcore about .05 and see how it handles Orthos. There is two other Voltages one for the RAM, and one for the FSB (I think), and you have to raise them a little if the vcore change doesn't help.
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