Photoshop like image editing program

I am looking for a program that can edit pictures similar to Photoshop and GIMP, but free and native for the Windows platform.

I just need it for simple tasks like resizing pictures, or should I say extending the black boarder on most of them. Paint would be enough for me, but I can't comfortably resize pictures in it like I used to in PS and GIMP.
My photoshop trial ran out, and I took off Ubuntu on my machine, so I need a new replacement program.
Any and all help is appreciated...
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  1. Quote:
    but free and native for the Windows platform.

    I have a bit of a phobia with non-native Windows programs, or programs that are not officially supported...
    I know nothings wrong with it, but its my damn phobia that I can't get over...

    anything else out there?

    but thanks anyways jefe323
  2. If you don't want to shell out the dough for Photoshop then GIMP for Windows is the answer, it's the most powerful free solution available!

    jefe323 gave you your best answer!

    Get over your phobia, I've used GIMP myself on windows, it works just fine!
  3. corel photopaint X3~ X5
  4. Phobia or not, try it. I use it on windows. Helped do my wifes company website with it.
  5. How about Paint.NET? It's like paint on steroids, and has many photoshop-like features. Microsoft itself even assisted with some of the devolopment. It's really quite popular, and is Windows only. Not to mention free! Check it:
  6. I would suggest you to use as this provide photo editing and you can enhance your photo as you want.
    I had also not know about this site, one day i was searching about photo editing site and i found this. I thought to try this one. I started using its functionality and its amazing. If you have not used its features, i would recommend you to try this.
  7. This is almost 1 year old thread.
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