My Gateway MT3707 was repaired by the GEEK Squad - but I have to reinstall OS onto system. It has Vista 32 Bit. It is asking me to select the driver to be installed but "load Driver" is stating NO device drivers were found. What do I do?
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  1. 1. Go to the Gateway web-site and download the driver(s).

    2. Never have your computer "repaired" by the GEEK squad.
  2. It's not a bad idea for someone to learn how to repair thier own PC, and I recomend it. But somepeople don't have the time or the knoledge to do this.

    I know i am not a machanic and alot of people cant work on a car or truck so they take it to their machanic to fix it. They don't get it done for free.

    Same applies for computer repair, wether it be Geek Squad, FireDog, or your local repair shop. It costs money to live and to be avalible to do that job of fixing your computer. In turn you will pay to support the people that work on your computers.

    Its the mind set that people like you have that hurt companies that bring you the support that many people need and rely on.

    As for The Geek Squad, They will repair your computer if thats what you paid for, if you paid for a diagnostic only, then thats what you get. they have done me a great service over the years and "Trolls" like you only show your short sitedness or even ignorance.

    In responce to the original poster, Please know that updating your drivers is like knowing how to change your oil and tires on your car. you should know how to do it yourself. if you don't then learn. and if you desside you dont want to do this yourself then support your local PC Repair guy, Geek Squad or FireDogs.
  3. Yes -- but if you take your car in for repairs you don't have to come home and install parts because they failed to do it as part of the repair !! If he paid GEEK SQUAD to repair the laptop then I'd make them reinstall the OS as that should be part of the repair service if it was required !
  4. By failing to install the OS, they have failed to check if the repairs were successful.
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