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Hello Have a very annoying problem .doc auto opens with WordPad even though office 2007 installed.

Default programs will not add word? even thought i browse for it. Its like its blocked. can however add another program ie tried excel, this works?? Only way is to open word then drag doc to it or find and open through word

docx and all others are normal just .doc ??

Modified registry so word is associated only and still shows wordpad as open with. Did notice that MSword.exe was associated in HKEY_CLASES-ROOT\.doc . This file does not exist, should i change to winword.exe

Had Office XP on it before worked but kept asking for cd to put offfice XP sp3 on. So uninstalled office xp with programmes and features and installed 2007. Computer also has Works, Dell machine came with works.

Thanks Simon
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  1. right click the file go to Open with and then select word
  2. Cant its more complicated than that, need to get windows to see word as associated with doc. word currently cant be chosen. Will not come up even if chosen through browse for application. Like its being blocked?? I pick winword.exe but it then does not show on list?
  3. check out this thread
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