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When searching "boba fett" for a new windows profile picture (the dog wasnt doing it for me anymore, and well boba fett is cool) my eset nod32 4 popped up and said a trojan was blocked when viewing results from the google image search. I did not click on any link sending me to a different page, just connection terminated and the threat was quarantined. This was literally 10 mins after completing a fresh install so it can not be from a past threat. I am wondering if this is possible through google image search and is a known issue? Also using firefox
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  1. viruses can be spread a million ways but eset is good so i'm sure your fine!
  2. Yes, malware can be passed through the image search. I once got an infection from a Detroit Tigers wallpaper, that I had found on Google image.

    As long as your AV caught it, and quarantined it, you shouldn't have any worries.
  3. Ok good, because just after a fresh install would just add insult to injury causing me to start all over again. Thanks for the help guys
  4. If you want to reassure yourself, boot into safe mode with networking. Download, install, update Malwarebytes, and do a full system scan.
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