Gigabyte P35C-DS3R how do i set my memory timings manual?

Hello everything is so full automatic it seems why can't i set my CAS,RAS to CAS, Ras precharge and all that??

i have bought 2x1gb Geil Ultra plus cas4 PC2-8500 (1066mhz) and should be running at 2.4v 4-4-4-12 at 1066, but i can't set anything.. also i can't find where i set my voltage either for ram (only overvoltage options by steps of +0.1) but what does my voltage start on?
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  1. I don't have your particular board, but I have the previous version (965P-DS3). If the BIOs are similiar, on the main BIOS screen press ctrl-F1. You will see the screen flicker. Next select the MB Intelligent Tweaker option. On that screen you will see a bunch of additional settings that were not there before. There should be a DRAM Timing Selectable setting. Change that from Auto to Manual. That should open up all the memory timing settings below it. If you are into overclocking, this screen has those settings also.
  2. Thnx you so much CMburns that worked with Cntrl-F1 i might not have been looking enough in my manual i guess..

    800 mhz 3-3-3-9 :)
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