My favorite browser was IE8 (nj, i went back to it after trying chorme, firefox, opera, and safari each for while))...

but the new ie9 beta! OMG ITS GREAT!!!!!!!

please no flaming, these are just opinions
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  1. I chose my Opera it is fast it is easy to use and it is secure :bounce:
    I have every web browser on my computer except netscape and ie9 beta
  2. ^+1 opera is no1 for security but chrome is still faster then FF and IE9
  3. 1.) opera
    2.) firefox
    3.) have not used chrome as of yet...

    Why: Because, while the latest version has some real improvements, Internet Explorer is large, bloated with features and an example of old-style Microsoft excess.

    How: Switch to either Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. Both are first-rate, speedy browsers, and both are free. It remains a tight race between the two, but Chrome has had the lead lately in features and performance. Both browsers include useful things like bookmark syncing. That means that your bookmarks folder will be the same on every computer using Chrome or Firefox, and will update if you change anything. "
  4. i have my reasons for liking internet explorer...alright? im sorry if that pisses you off, but firefox has a sh!tty downloads method, and chrome, i just dont like the interface.
    i like my bloated slow microsoft crap. ok!?
  5. firefox has download apps you can install, works for me..
  6. I like the interface of Opera over Firefox because of Speed Dial I only really go to 9 websites anyway and having them on the front page just makes it so easy. The only detractor is random incompatibility issues when editing a flashcard set on Quizlet it didn't save just because Opera isn't completely compatible with it that lost me 30 minutes of work :(
  7. what i meant was that when you download it, if you want to copy the file to a flash drive you have to right click, do show containing folder, find it, and drag it over. vs in ie all you have to do is drag it over. also, i like ie's duplicate tab feature, and tab color grouping. the new ie9 has the same concept as chrome bcuz you can use the address bar as a search box without a lengthy bing redirect.
  8. ^so you don't like change? understandable but some what stupid.
    A web browser is a web browser. faster/security the better.

    Check out SeaMonkey then.
  9. I voted for Opera, but it's really a tie between Opera and Firefox.

    I really dig the fast, lightweight, clean interface of Opera. I've also used some of Opera's Unite add-on apps (with mixed results) and it has the best pop-up ad blocker I've used (this works well on Tom's). Opera's 'Mini" browser is easily my preferred mobile browser.

    My problem with Opera is that I can't use it alone. Many websites just don't format correctly in Opera, including ver. 11. Opera's Unite apps are also very buggy and have stolen many hours of my life troubleshooting. :fou:
    Firefox is like the old reliable pick-up truck you keep parked on the street that you can always count on when your sleek new ride is being a b*tch.

    Oh, and FYI, I'm a Mac user but I rarely run Safari on any of my three Macintosh systems. :kaola:
  10. I'm sorry you're a mac user but I'm glad you like Opera personally I don't use an adblocker and I never get any of those irritating ads you have to skip to go to the page, I get them on all the other browsers. Well actually that isn't entirely true one day out of 10 I'll get an ad (one that fills up the page)
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