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Hello, my son and I want to build a laptop. Can I use an old one as the framework and just take out the existing components?
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  1. Hello and welcome to Tom's Hardware Forums.

    You can do,of course but finding parts that fit that form factor will be an extremely long shot.

    Buy your parts first to see what dimensions you have, which side has which interfaces - USB, PCMCIA, power, etc and who the screw fixings are configured. I think you're very brave to try this but with laptops so comparatively cheap these days, and with the possibilities of it all going haywire, it a chancy thing to do.

  2. honestly with the low price of laptops... its not worth screwing with.

    you would be best to buy a premanufactured laptop or to buy a laptop from a dealer which allows you to swap parts.

    doing it yourself is just asking for trouble as you could end up in the hole.
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