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Hi, I have an Acer Aspire 8930G which was originally supplied with Vista. I then applied for the free Windows 7 upgrade which I received and installed. Following that it has been running fine over the past year but I have recently had problems with it on boot up, until last week it wouldn't boot up at all. I therefore decided to boot from disk (using the Acer upgrade disks supplied) to see if the recovery would solve the problems, but had no joy. I eventually decided to reinstall Windows 7 using the upgrade disks?? Now, Windows 7 starts up, but I have no drivers installed?? I have also noticed that a new file has been created on the C drive named "Windows.old" (60 GB) which contains all my old files and software?? I am not that bothered about keeping my old files and would like to totally wipe the hard drives to bring it back to the Factory settings, however the only disks I have are the Windows 7 Upgrade Disks, one of which does contain the required drivers but will not run or install them?? Please help!!
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  1. You might still have the "PQSERVICE" Partition on the hard drive but it will be hidden. You can try alt-f10 at boot up. Chances are you reformatted with ntfs which changes to the master boot so alt-f10 wont work and in this case you need to "run" "diskpart". You can see the hidden partition using this dos program and assign it a drive letter or make it your primary parition so it will boot and allow you to recover to factory when you restart. I found this allowed me to use my bluray which was not working in windows 7. I do prefer windows 7 even with the loss of the acer software as it runs much better with proper drivers.
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