Video card ram overkill?

Hey folks, alot of you provide very good technical information for an entry level geek wannabe like myself.

Heres my question. I noticed that in some of Toms graphics comparisons, when all things are equal, ie, gpu clock speed, card model, etc...except for the amount of ram, then any amount over 256mbs amounts for very little performance increase. Sometimes as little as 1 fps in some tests. Is 512mbs of graphics memory worth the extra expenditure? Please elaborate and get a good thread off and running. Thanks.
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  1. Company of Heroes, the COD series....I like the eye candy but dont have the big hi-res displays. Nearly everything I play is 1280x1024 with max settings.
  2. In an easy way:
    In cheaper models and in the 7900 range (7900gt vs 7950gt) the 512 configuration doesn't bring benefits because the gpu isn't fast enough to render the data stored in the memory, so there may be no performance increase. When the gpu is powerful enough:x1950xt (xtx with 512), 8800gts 640 and above it renders the data stored in the greater amount of memory.

    It all depends on the game itself, the resolution and filters applied (AA and AF) and the power of the gpu core.

    The cheap models like x1600 and beyond with 512 mb of ram are sales gimmicks.
  3. You don't need 640 MB or 768 MB or more at that resolution. You would see a difference at 1920x1200 or more.
  4. yes, there are only 2 or 3 games that benefit from more than 256Mb at 1280x1024
    Couldn't find any 8600GTS 512MB benchmarks on other websites, but here it seems that 8600GTS benefits from more memory. Actually, its quite strange and interesting, as the speed difference is about the same in all resolutions:)
    Will have to wait for more reviews :)
  6. Its beginning to look as if the 8800 GTS w/ 320 mbs of ram should be more than enough video card for 98% of all gamers. A quick check of all the people I play with never exceed the 1280x1024 option of resolution.

    The replys are great, please keep them coming.
  7. Well, what pisses me off is that I'm in the borderline. My monitor it's 1680x1050. If smaller I'd already bought a 320mb gts, and if bigger like 1920x1200, the 640mb version. I believe I'll wait to the 8900 cards to come out and buy a cheaper 8800gtx since i am at an impasse right now (well, for months now...)
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