Unable to view BluRay on my HTPC

I just got an LG BluRay drive for my HTPC and am unable to view any blu-rays on it. I only hear sound when I play a BD. I have both PowerDVD 8 and 10, and VLC installed, but none of them work. Regular DVD's play fine.
I have a somewhat older graphics card (Asus Radeon X1950 PRO) which supposedly is HDCP compliant, so I dont think that is the issue. Could it be that my DVI to HDMI cable isnt compliant?

Any suggestions as to what might be wrong? Do I need any additional codecs? I have ffdshow and DivX installed already.
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    it is software problem. VLC does not play bluray disc. Need to get an update for PowerDVD 10.

    Had similar problem with my PDVD8. It used to play bluray and out of sudden stopped playing. I had to get PDVD10. (My opinion: some gimmick from Cyberlink to force me buy a new version.)
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  3. I was able to get it to work using Arcsoft TotalMedia Theater 3.
  4. you could try corel windvd pro or nero multimedia suite hd they both play blurays also!
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