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I was wondering if this would be a good buy as it is on sale at the moment. I really do not have time to learn to build my own as I am stuck with 2 jobs and university. I could take time to learn but my brother told me it took him a month and after 2 days of trying to learn I noticed that he is probably right lol. I want to use it to play games like guild wars 2. Does anyone think this would be a good buy. (I am pretty sure it would run Gw2 I just want to make sure it will stay up to date enough to play its expansions!
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  1. honestly anyone with half a brain can build a pc.

    the folks over in our hardware/systems/ section routinely recommend compatible parts for people who are unsure of what to buy

    as far as how to actually assemble a pc there are countless youtube videos and quite a few of us have posted general tips. i for one wrote a pretty in depth guide on the matter but you would have to forum search to find it. i think it was in this subsection.

    as for the link you posted. i cant view shopping links so i cannot help you there.
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